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Dark Roast
Dark Roast
Dark Roast
Dark Roast

Hato Viejo Coffee

Dark Roast

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Our Dark Roast is rich and flavorful with hint of chocolate and fruit.  If you like a dark roast but don't enjoy the bitterness.  This is the coffee for you.  

Customers prefer the dark roast if they are preparing espresso.  

Our coffee comes from Ramiriez Coffee in Jarabacoa Dominican Republic.  Certified organically grown.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Marc S
Loving this coffee so far

I received a gift of pre-ground Dark Roast Hato Viejo coffee recently and very much enjoyed it. It was also nice to have a more local alternative to the large mainstream brand. I typically make double-shots with a decent Espresso machine. I've enjoyed this coffee so much so that I've placed my first order for 5lbs of whole bean coffee. When it arrived, the incredible scents permeated the immediate area of my home. I haven't yet broken into the bag, but based upon the previous coffee gift, am incredibly excited to do so soon.

A winner

I lay in bed at night dreaming about these dark beans in our french press tomorrow. Perfection!

Erik Swanson
The best dark roast I’ve ever had!

I didn’t think I liked dark roast coffees so I was a little hesitant to try it at first. Once I did I was surprised to find that it was by far my favorite after trying all the other ones. I like it so much I got a subscription for it. It’s now the only coffee I drink.

Jesus Paulino

Dark Roast

Kate Collins
Delicious coffee for making espresso

I've been purchasing Hato Viejo for my office espresso machine. It tastes and smells divine. I even started drinking espresso myself for a few days when we first received these beans - in spite of not being able to tolerate caffeine - as these beans are irresistible.