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Red Honey
Red Honey
Red Honey
Red Honey

Hato Viejo Coffee

Red Honey

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The Red Honey process is a natural process applied to the ripe coffee fruit.  While drying some of the fruit remains attached and oxidizes.  This gives the drying coffee a red hue- hence the name "Red Honey".  

The Red Honey process produces a fruity sweeter taste when brewed.  Roasted Red Honey coffee is sought after for it's flavor profile and drinkability with coffee lovers.   Certified organically grown. 

The roast is a medium to preserve the fruity qualities of the coffee.   

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Red Honey

I like to try different types of coffees from a variety of companies. This is one of the best coffees I have had in several years. I drink my coffee black; therefore, I love the subtle sweet, fruity notes of the red honey coffee. This is an exceptional coffee!

Lovely coffee

This such a lovely and delightful coffee. So enjoy it for my morning pour-over, makes a delightful latte too! Also appreciate how quickly it is delivered once ordered.

Linda Jasinski
Hato Viejo Coffee is Wonderful!

Delicious coffee with super customer service. You'll be happy with your purchase.

Hetty Thomae
Great stuff

My husband always puts honey in his coffee. This is almost like that.

Maria Lara-Bregatta
Amazing coffee for my restaurant and home

We are LIVING for this coffee and the representation! Viva la republica ! The coffee is absolutely delicious.