Closed. We are moving and will be closed until we relocate our business.

And then life happened... (Farewell newsletter)

Six months ago, our life changed.  After 24 years of living and working in the Upper Valley Dan took a new job in Maine.  

During this time, we have been juggling to try and continue having a regular life, between the kids, schedules, trips, hotels, Hato Viejo and being a solo parent for a few days of the week while Dan goes for a few days every week to Maine. 

I always said that “the knife is the only one that knows the heart of the pumpkin”.  After a few weeks you start feeling it, especially as soon as spring started and sport season for the kids. 

Over the kid's spring vacation, we had talked about a solution to this new life path, and during the vacation we decided that the best way to be together was to move out this area to be closer to Dan’s job. 

In the last three weeks a lot of things have happened: We said goodbye to Dan's Mom (the creator of our Blend), we put the house on the market, and Mother's Day weekend we spent looking for houses.  Life comes at you fast. 

Yesterday evening, we went under contract on a new house on the New Hampshire sea coast, with a goal of being moved in when the kids finish up school in June.  

I know you're thinking "what about Hato Viejo".  That's really the purpose of my note, to let you know what we are doing, and what is going to happen next, so we can plan together.  It is going to take some time to put everything back together but that is my intention.  I built this with your support, and I intend on continuing the work- so this really is just the next chapter. After June 12th I won’t be able to take more orders, since we need to start packing and wrapping everything for moving.  

Like always we express our gratitude to every one of you, that have bought one time, as well those that have been with me from the beginning of this project. I hope a lot of you be there after this pause. But I also understand a lot of you support me because I am here in the same community with you.  

Things happened for a reason and sometimes for more you try to avoid or postpone it, it will come back, because it is part of your destiny. Twelve years ago, we almost moved to the New Hampshire sea coast, and now it is happening. 

May God always bless you, thanks for your support and sorry for the inconveniences. 

Hugs and best wishes