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Our Coffee

Welcome to Hato Viejo Coffee.  We buy the best coffee from the Dominican Republic.  Our coffee is always fresh roasted and packed to order.  We offer Free Shipping and Free local Delivery on orders over $50.  Certified organically grown.  Thank you for visiting us and thank you for your business.  Want to know more?  Check out our blog posts, sign up for our newsletter, and read the About Us, FAQ, and About Hato Viejo on our website.

Type Arabica
Botanical Variety Caturra, Tipica
Shade Partial
Elevation 1,600-2,400 Meters
Soil Clay loam texture (5.5-6.5 PH)
Brightness 4-7 hrs/day
Temperature 10-24 Celcius
Preciptiation 2,200 mm/year
Drying Sun / Rotary dryer
Harvesting 100% ripe grains, washed & pulped same day