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About Subscriptions

Subscriptions are a great way to save on coffee purchases.  Subscribe & Save is a recurring and perpetual auto payment subscription.  Where you choose the coffee type, frequency of distribution, size of bag, and type of grind.  Then we deliver your coffee each renewal period automatically.  Your payment is automatically processed each renewal period.  You can modify your subscription; the type of coffee, frequency of distribution, size of bag, or number of bags at any time by logging into the portal.  You can also pause your subscription or cancel your subscription at any time with no penalty.  

Subscriptions help Hato Viejo grow with a predictable cash flow so we can better plan and scale our business.  Subscriptions align Hato Viejo customer service, product quality, and customer experience by virtue of giving our customers the opportunity to cancel at any time with no penalty.  Simple said, we have to earn your business with each subscription renewal.

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How Subscriptions Work

Subscribe & Save

Coffee Type Size (oz) Frequency One- Time Purchase Price $/ounce Shipping/Delivery Fee Total cost per distribution Savings
Dark Roast 14 One time purchase $17.00 $1.21 $3.00 $20.00 X
Dark Roast 14 Weekly $14.45 $1.03 $3.00 $17.45 $2.55
Dark Roast 14 Every 4 weeks $15.30 $1.09 $3.00 $18.30 $1.70
Dark Roast 30 One time purchase $32.00 $1.07 $0.00 $32.00 X
Dark Roast 30 Weekly $27.20 $0.91 $0.00 $27.20 $4.80
Dark Roast 30 Every 4 weeks $28.80 $0.96 $0.00 $28.80 $3.20
Subscribe & Save subscriptions are automated transactions.  You can modify, cancel, or pause subscriptions anytime with no penalty.  Questions?  Contact us @