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Do you have a retail store?

No.  Today we are selling online and in various markets.  

Where are you physically located?

We operate Hato Viejo out of our home.  That works just fine today for the size of our business.  However, as we grow that may change.

Is your coffee organic?

Many of the coffees featured in our store are organically grown.  

Do you roast your own coffee? 

We do not.  We work with a roaster in Massachusetts.  At this stage of our business having a roasting partner makes sense.  As we grow that may change but today, we are happy working with a roaster.

How do you prepare an order?

Each order is packed to the customers specifications.  We start by selecting the coffee type and roast.  If there are grind requirements, we would grind to the customer specification.  Then we pack, weigh, and seal the coffee.  All our coffee both green and roasted is stored onsite in our home.  As well as our packing, grinding, shipping operations are onsite in our home.  

We operate our business under a NH homestead license.  

Can I cancel or modify my subscription?

Yes at any time you can modify the products or frequency of the subscription as well as cancel your subscription.  Unless you purchased a prepaid fixed duration subscription.  All sales of prepaid fixed duration subscriptions are final.  To modify or cancel the subscription go to the email invoice we sent you when the purchase was made.  Click on the button "View Order".  This will bring you to a portal on our website where you can modify your subscription.  

What day is your coffee roasted?

Tuesday is roast day.  

What day/s do you ship your coffee?

Depending on orders and stock we could ship any day of the week.  But our goal is to get USPS, and UPS orders shipped Monday, Wednesday and Friday's.  

Do you sell green coffee? 

We can make an arrangement to sell green coffee.  Email us we can work something out.  


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