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How do subscriptions work?

On April 23, 2021 we launched a new subscription plan that automatically creates an order based on the product you select and frequency you determined (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) when you made the initial purchase.  You can edit your subscription at anytime.

Customers that purchased a subscription prior to April 23, 2021 will remain in their current recurring invoice plan.  We will not be changing these customers to the new automatic payment plans.  In other words you should experience no change to how your plan works when you set it up initially.  

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Can I cancel or modify my subscription?

Yes at anytime you can modify the products or frequency of the subscription as well as cancel your subscription.  To modify or cancel the subscription go to the email invoice we sent you when the purchase was made.  Click on the button "View Order".  This will bring you to a portal on our website where you can modify your subscription.  

I accidentally purchased a subscription- help!

No worries it happens.  If we have not shipped it to you yet- we can cancel the transaction and refund you.  You will be charged a transaction fee- the rate varies by payment method but typically is $2.00.  It is important that you email us as soon as possible: 

If we have already shipped to you.  We would suggest logging into your account from the subscription invoice email and canceling your subscription so no further payments are made.  If you want to return the coffee please reference our refund policy located on our website.

Do you have special grind requirements? 

Email us or call us when you place your order.  We want you to have your coffee- just the way you like it.  603-276-0598

What day do you roast your coffee?

Monday is roast day.  Typically we get new orders in the mail starting Tuesday morning with the fresh stuff.  

What day/s do you ship your coffee?

Depending on orders and stock we could ship any day of the week.  But our goal is to get USPS, and UPS orders shipped Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday's.  

Do you sell green coffee? 

We can make an arrangement to sell green coffee.  I would like to create standard green coffee products listed in our store in the near future.  Email us we can work something out.  

Wedding party gifts?

Excellent idea for a gift to the wedding party or your guests.  Contact us.  If we have enough time we can also arrange to do custom label for that special day.

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