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End of the farmer’s market

This week was the last farmers market for the season.

 The markets give us the opportunity to sell our products directly into the community. For the vendors, this is our connection with the people and community.  The end of the season is the end of production for most and begins the process of planning for the following year. 

I remembered growing up my father would have tobacco, fruit, and vegetables ready to sell at harvest.  He would have to wait for the distributors to set a price, then he would negotiate the sale.  The distributors would try and negotiate the price down, leaving the farmers with little to no profit and some years with debt. 

 When I moved to the Upper Valley, I immediately appreciated the farmer’s market.  Here was a system, a market, where the farmers could directly sell to the consumer, at a retail market price. Since I grew up on a farm, watching how hard my father worked, and how that system was at times so unfair.  I commented to my family at home, how great it was to have a place where you could sell your product yourself, without an intermediary.

I can’t tell you how much, I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the local markets.  I tried to do my best and be there every week, even on the rainy days.  Not just to sell, but to be part of the community and participate in this market.  I really appreciated your support and feel proud to have a 10x10 tent for my Hato Viejo Coffee.

I have met many new friends and some awesome people and that’s been another blessing from this experience. Thanks to everyone that says hello, that bought a bag, that gave me feedback, or just say I don’t drink it but I love the smell.

Cheers for a great season we had, and hopefully see you again, next year!