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Dark Roast
Dark Roast
Dark Roast
Dark Roast

Hato Viejo Coffee

Dark Roast

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Our Dark Roast is rich and flavorful with hint of chocolate and fruit.  If you like a dark roast but don't enjoy the bitterness.  This is the coffee for you.  

Customers prefer the dark roast if they are preparing espresso.  

Our coffee comes from Ramiriez Coffee in Jarabacoa Dominican Republic.  Certified organically grown.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Sarah Sullivan

Super smooth, fresh and delicious coffee. What a difference buying local makes! It will absolutely be my new go-to!

Susan Boles

Have enjoyed the dark roast coffee very much. Will be buying more!

April Dugan

This is an amazingly rich dark brew that we absolutely adore! We dumped Starbucks for a subscription to this coffee!!

Lora M
Rich aroma and flavor

I’m so glad I discovered Hato Viejo coffee-the flavor of the espresso dark roast is bold and full of flavor. I can’t go back to regular coffee. It’s hand delivered to my doorstep and I’m happy I can support a family-owned business!

Barney Brannen
Made me change up for the first time in 30 years!

I've been drinking the same variety of French Roast beans from the Co-op for over 30 years. After my daughter recommended Hato Viejo's locally roasted beans to us, I decided to "sample" the dark roast. After 30 years, I never thought I'd change my preference in coffee beans (we even travel with ours!), but the Hato Viejo dark roast was so much smoother and just as robust as my (previously) preferred beans. Never too old to learn something new!